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Story behind  Polso.


As a professional Cad Cam and 3D specialist I spend many hours behind a screen every day.

Keyboard, mouse, tablet and laptop alternate.

My wrist and forearm are heavily strained.

I went looking for support.

After a few bad buys of all kinds of tools,

such as an ergonomic mouse and gel pads  I decided to try to solve the problem myself .

As a pattern designer in fashion, developing is an important part of my daily life  work.

I used that extra knowledge .

With my 3D  Cad  program, I studied the arm movements and then developed an experimental type X.

An additional requirement was that the wrist rest had to be pleasant, soft and comfortable and always present when you want to play  device changes.

Fun, beautiful but also functional have found each other in the final design.

Type X has become a full-fledged solution for working and gaming etc.

I hope you enjoy using the Polso.

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